We democratize Power & Value Creation

We aim to fulfill our mandate by creating cross-platform synergies that will foster a grassroots community, organic growth & lay the foundation for a widely distributed Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) within our Blockchain ecosystem.

Building Blocks of a Decentralized Future

A cohesive ecosystem that provides access to a diversified portfolio of Crypto assets, deep liquidity pools, a wallet with multi-coin & fiat interoperability, & a capital source for innovative Blockchain startups.

Crypto Mining

A diversified portfolio of Crypto assets combined with our proprietary algorithm to optimize currency selection & profitability

Digital Asset Exchange

Fully regulated exchange registered under FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada).

Digital Investment Fund

A strategically diversified portfolio of Crypto assets that aim to generate returns that are uncorrelated to Fiat markets. The fund has a mandate of generating risk-adjusted alpha regardless of market direction.

Our Ecosystem ECOSYSTEM

A Blockchain ecosystem that upholds the principles of Transparency, Financial Inclusion, Privacy, Sovereignty of Money & Identity.

Distributed Consensus(6)

We aim to opportunistically acquire capabilities to provide a robust, secure, decentralized validation network, liquidity mechanisms, and a pool of capital that can be strategically deployed in future blockchain projects.

  1. Mining – Our mining rigs will be placed in Global locations with access to low-cost energy & long term agreements. Our hardware is optimized to opportunistically mine a diversified portfolio of Crypto assets.
  2. Digital Exchange & Wallet – We aim to be Canada’s 1st fully regulated decentralized exchange that provides on-chain trading access across multiple protocols & coins, & Fiat-Crypto trading pairs.
  3. Native Coin – Our native coin will grant its users frictionless access to our entire ecosystem. We believe that our fully integrated ecosystem will incentivize our users to adopt the native coin as a default medium of exchange.
  4. Startup Accelerator – We will provide promising startups in the Blockchain space with the right mix of Networking Opportunities, Advisory Services, & Capital Introductions.

Problems we will Solve Problem


  • Centralized platforms are prone to arbitrary political & economic censorship.
  • Curtails economic & individual sovereignty

Fiat Inflation

  • Erosion of Central Bank Independence
  • Loose Monetary Policy
  • Increased Money Supply
  • Long Term Devaluations of Fiat Currencies

Disproportionate Distribution of Value

  • Accumulation of value to a selected few stakeholders.
  • In equal distribution of wealth & power
  • Long term disintegration of societies

Abuse of Power & Bureaucratic Bottlenecks

  • Susceptible to corruption
  • Depletion of trust in governance
  • How to network with other investors / like-minded people?



Immutable ledger of transactions with full audit trail

Fully Regulated

Registered under FINTRAC

Digital Wallet

Crypto-Fiat interoperability & multi coin support

Digital Exchange

Decentralized exchange with on-chain trading & decentralized custody

Financial Inclusion

Our accelerator programs will support startups that address the financial needs of the Unbanked & Underbanked.

Social Impact

Providing a financing source to fund future social impact projects (Micro Loans, Social Entrepreneurship)

Decentralized Network

Open Source platform build natively on Blockchain

Blockchain Social Network

A Blockchain Social Network that rewards content creation & ideas.

Our Digital Wallet & Exchange Apps

A frictionless, cohesive integration between our Exchange & Wallet provides our user base with a fluid ecosystem of trading liquidity, Fiat-Crypto interoperability & the ability to invest across a range of products.

A robust, seamless, decentralized architecture that provides on-chain trading across the Crypto universe – within a fully regulated framework.

  • Native Support Across all Crypto Asset Classes
  • Access to Deep Liquidity Pools
  • Fiat-Crypto Interoperability
  • Accessible across mobile and desktop devices
  • Affordable Fee Structure

Genesis Block TOKEN

Our Native Token’s Genesis block is expected to be mined in Q4 2020.


Q1 2021

Total Supply

30 Million Coins

Validation Mechanism

A hybrid between PoW & PoS

Time-frame for Full Mining

10 Years

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
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Q3 2020

Expansion of Data Center Portfolio

Q4 2020

Beta launch of Exchange, Wallet & Native Blockchain

2021 - 2022

Public Market exit of Mining Operations via IPO or RTO

2021 - 2022

Launch of Startup Accelerator

2022 - 2023

Launch of Mega Solar Power Mining Centers

Our Team TEAM

Andrew Spasiw
Founder - CEO


Blackbird Consulting


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